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Working with your senior executive team, we create a Portal Delivery Framework, to harmonize your strategic objectives with your business and user requirements.

With deep experience in strategic and user requirements workshop delivery, our Portal Delivery Framework helps your team understand what portals are, and what they could be in your organization...


Sustainable portals have a clearly defined and managed portal governance model.

We look carefully at your business, understand your strategy, and design and implement governance models coveted by your administrators, contributors and users...

80% of Portal projects fail

You may be in one of two positions: 

1) Considering portal, but just read the headline above
2) You're one of the 80%.

Either way we can help.

With over 12 years experience in information management, intranets, ,eLearning, and change management, we've seen the many issues of introducing new processes and systems to users.

And we've also learned how to do it right. Our consultants have won awards for business process analysis and re-engineering, flexible workflow design and process management via portals.

Most importantly, we design solutions that users covet, because it's in harmony with how they do their jobs.

Core Service Offerings



  • Portal Implementation Strategy
  • UI Design, Information Architecture, Taxonomy and Metadata Classification
  • Change Management
  • Project Management

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